CanExel Siding Edmonton


CanExel siding has been installed in Edmonton for over a decade, and has built a very good reputation here. The product is most similar in appearance to Hardie Board siding, and at quick glance, you could easily mistake one for the other.

That said, there are some key differences between James Hardie Siding and CanExel siding in Edmonton. Unlike Hardie siding, CanExel is an engineered wood product, manufactured by LP Building Products. LP also manufactures Smart Trim, one of the most commonly used exterior trim products in Edmonton and Alberta. 

Canexel features nice wide reveals that stand out from the vinyl siding we're used to seeing in Edmonton. And because the product is made with wood, it features a strong and beautiful woodgrain texture on the face. 

CanExel comes in 3 different styles, each with their own unique look:

  •  The Ridgewood D-5 product features two 5" reveals separated by a horizontal groove. The Ridgewood D-5 CanExel siding comes in a variety of pre-finished colour options.
  • CanExel's Ced'R Vue product features a lap siding aesthetic similar to true cedar siding. Personally, if you're looking for a cedar-look siding option without the maintenance, I would recommend the Earth Tone Series by Vivid Coatings instead. You can check out the Earth Tone Series by clicking here
  • The UltraPlank is CanExel's answer to a vertical or diagonal application. The look and options are similar to the Ridgewood D5, but with the ability to install in different ways.

In Edmonton, CanExel siding can be fairly costly relative to other siding products such as vinyl siding and Hardie siding. While vinyl is always the least expensive siding option, it surprises some homeowners that CanExel is more expensive than Hardie board.

While CanExel is lighter than Hardie Plank and can mean a cheaper install cost, the product itself is much more expensive. As such, most pricing comparisons I've done see CanExel come in at a higher cost than Hardie on the wall. 

Both products feature a strong history of durability in the Edmonton market, and I believe most homeowners would be pleased with either product. If I was to make a personal recommendation, I would choose James Hardie siding.

For a similar price, James Hardie products are non-combustible, and hail resistant. Hardie board also does not have to use the plastic joint clips at plank intersections, which makes it a slightly nicer looking product on the wall.

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