James Hardie Siding and Trim

James Hardie fiber cement siding is one of the most technologically advanced siding materials you will find in Edmonton. James Hardie’s HardieZone system ensures that the siding installed on your home is specifically engineered for Edmonton's climate! James Hardie siding is hail resistant, pest resistant, and non-combustible (wont burn)! 

James Hardie backs their siding with a 30 year warranty on their siding and a 15 year warranty on their ColorPlus paint. Both of these warranties are transferable to the next owner of your home if you decide to sell in the future! If you’re looking for a knowledgeable James Hardie contractor to help you renovate your home, you can count on Blue Jay Exterior Renovations for expert advice and professional installation!


James Hardie CedarMill lap siding, 7" exposure

(Colour: Mountain Sage)

James hardie fiber cement siding

James Hardie offers a number of different styles for their HardiePlank lap siding. The most popular Hardie product in Edmonton is 7” exposure, Cedar Mill HardiePlank. This sounds complicated, but all it means is that the siding has a wood like texture and is 7” tall!

Cedar Mill HardiePlank lap siding combines the character of real wood siding with the durability of fiber cement. It resists moisture damage, hail, and pests (including woodpeckers!) and is tested to withstand Edmonton’s extreme weather cycles.

HardiePlank lap siding is also available in 6” and 5” exposures, as well as with a smooth or a beaded texture, all in 23 factory colours. This means that no matter your style, there’s a James Hardie siding to turn your home into your dream home!

james hardie fiber cement trim boards

James Hardie siding is one of the most durable siding materials available in Edmonton, so it only makes sense to pair it with trim that performs just as well. That's why Blue Jay Exterior Renovations installs HardieTrim with all James Hardie siding packages!

James Hardie’s HardieTrim is an extruded fiber cement trim product. What does “extruded” mean? It means that HardieTrim is manufactured as a solid piece, with no glues holding it together! That makes HardieTrim more durable than the wood trims that most other companies install, and it looks better too!

Available in 10 colours with smooth or wood textures, HardieTrim is the only trim product engineered with James Hardie’s HardieZone system!


Wood Trim vs. Hardie Trim

Hardie Trim in Arctic White and Hardie siding in Autumn Tan

James Hardie staggered edge HardieShingle  (Colour: Sandstone Beige)

James Hardie staggered edge HardieShingle

(Colour: Sandstone Beige)

james hardie fiber cement shingle

The perfect home deserves the perfect accent: James Hardie HardieShingle! HardieShingle is the perfect way to complete the traditional design of your home without breaking the bank.

For years, homeowners who wanted a rustic accent detail have been forced to choose between authentic cedar shakes and their two to four year maintenance cycles or vinyl shingles, which are low maintenance but don't have the same warmth as real cedar.

HardieShingle is the best of both worlds: now you can have the authentic look of a real shake product with the durability and low maintenance of fiber cement! These fiber cement shingles are available in a straight or a staggered edge pattern, whichever suits your style!


james hardie colorplus paint

All James Hardie products sold in Edmonton are available with ColorPlus finishing technology. James Hardie offers 23 ColorPlus options for their siding and shingles, and 10 options for trim. The James Hardie ColorPlus palette has been professionally curated to ensure that no matter which colour you choose for your siding, there are coordinating and contrasting colours available – let your creativity run wild!

For a full breakdown of the James Hardie Colour Palette in Edmonton, check out the article we wrote on the subject! 
James Hardie Colour Palette Edmonton

ColorPlus is a specially formulated coating that James Hardie designed specifically for use with their fiber cement products. It’s not available in any store, but you can buy touch up kits to keep your home looking tip top. ColorPlus is warranted against peeling, cracking, and chipping for 15 years. The UV protection baked into the coating ensures that Hardie siding and trim fades evenly and more slowly than a similar colour of vinyl siding.

James Hardie ColorPlus colours available in Edmonton

James Hardie ColorPlus colours available in Edmonton

James Hardie Install Edmonton


After working for James Hardie Canada for more than 5 years, the team at Blue Jay Exterior Renovations can confidently say that we know more about Hardie Siding products than any other siding contractor in Alberta. We are passionate about the beauty, strength, and durability of this product, and want to share that passion with you. If you are considering Hardie board for your exterior renovation, be confident that working with Blue Jay means that you'll have the product installed correctly. 

Our product knowledge in combination with the skill and experience of our labour ensures that we provide the best Hardie siding renovations in the Edmonton area. 

Unfortunately, not all Hardie siding contractors are created equal. Here are some of the Hardie install best practices that Edmonton Hardie installers often miss. If you're looking to get Hardie board installed on your house, watch for these common install mistakes to ensure you get the finish you deserve!

10 Most Common Hardie Install Errors


Thankfully, James Hardie has an industry leading warranty to back its product, even if your Hardie board installer misses a detail or two. James Hardie offers a 30-year non-prorated warranty on Hardie Plank, Hardie Shingle, and Hardie Panel.

The warranty covers each individual piece of siding, not a full house or a wall. Meaning that if one detail is missed, it doesn't mean your whole house isn't warranted by James Hardie. And the Hardie siding warranty has an allowance to cover up to 2x the cost of product if there is any issues with its performance!

Click the link below for a copy of the James Hardie siding warranty:
30-Year Non-Prorated Siding Warranty

Looking for more information on the James Hardie Warranty in Canada? We broke out all of the reasons that this is a world class warranty for your home. Check out article on the subject below:
James Hardie Warranty Canada

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