Modern Siding Renovation


Calculated selections and contemporary colours give this Edmonton bungalow a gorgeous modern update.

Wanting to maximize curb appeal per dollar spent, the majority of material dollars were spent on the front of the home - as seen by the beautiful 6” Lux Panel accents on the front entranceway and Hardie board exterior. Midnight Black NT3 trims give the white windows a contemporary “pop”, while the Iron Gray NT3 corners allow the natural beauty of the Hardie Plank front to do the talking.

On the sidewalls, Mitten’s Sapphire Blue dutch lap vinyl siding was selected as the best colour match to Iron Gray Hardie. The natural transition between the two products takes place at subtle returns on both sides of the house. Capping the white windows in black allows the sidewalls to tie-in with the contemporary aesthetic of the front, and the selection of vinyl for the sidewalls creates significant project savings.

Behind the Hardie and vinyl is IKO EnerAir insulation - providing a strong thermal value of R6 per inch, this breathable insulation product adds warmth and moisture protection to the entire house.

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