Edmonton Soffit and Fascia Install

soffit edmonton

At Blue Jay Exterior Renovations, we supply and install a wide variety of soffit and fascia products. Installed correctly, soffits will help air circulation and limit the possibility of excess moisture causing rotting of the roof or building. And when installed with care, soffit and fascia can be the perfect accent to finish off your exterior.

The standard in Edmonton for soffit and fascia is aluminum, due to its combination of low cost and minimal upkeep. There are a number of manufacturers supplying aluminum soffit and fascia to the Edmonton market, and there is little difference in the quality/performance of the products among them.

For a higher end finish, the Edmonton market is looking to the past for inspiration - with wood soffits back on trend. While wood soffits do lack the moisture control ability of a vented aluminum soffit, it is possible to include metal vent strips throughout to add ventilation. Common wood soffit products in 2019 include cedar, fir, and pine in a 4” or 6” tongue and groove.

Like the growth of wood look siding, it has become increasingly common to use wood look soffit products in place of a true wood soffit. Some of these options include Longboard, the Earth Tone Series, Lux Panel, and Sagiper. While the substrates vary amongst these products, all of the lines offer a similar value proposition - the look of a stained wood soffit without the maintenance.

The cost of soffit and fascia in Edmonton is going to vary widely by the products you choose. Aluminum is substantially less expensive than other options, with wood and wood look products being similar once staining and maintenance are factored in. If you’re interested in more information, or want to get a quote, reach out to Blue Jay Exterior Renovations today!