Stone Veneer Edmonton


The use of stone veneer as a feature on homes in Edmonton has grown significantly over the past decade. While traditional masonry products can be very expensive, stone veneer offers the look and feel of quarried stone at a fraction of the price.

One of the difficult thing about stone veneers' growth in popularity is the sheer number of options available. It seems every building supply store carries a different line, and they all of have multiple patterns and colours.

At Blue Jay Exterior Renovations, we're certainly not familiar with all of the products out there. We'll try and provide you with some of the features and benefits of the products we've worked with. If you have any questions on a line that isn't referenced on this page, reach out!


Fusion Stone Edmonton.jpg

Fusion Stone

Fusion Stone is one of the nicest stone veneer products we've worked with. Unlike other stone veneers comprised of foam or plastic, Fusion Stone is a true manufactured concrete product that has the look and feel or a real stone facade.

If you're concerned about the durability, pick up a sample! This product is one of the sturdiest stone veneers available in Edmonton. And Fusion Stone backs that up with a lifetime guarantee. 

Fusion Stone comes in three different patterns - Great Lakes, Dry-Stack, and Peninsula Ledgestone. One thing to be aware of though - some of the accessory products, like ledge pieces, are not available in all colours. Be sure to check with your contractor or building supplier prior to selecting a colour.


NovikStone Edmonton.JPG


While it is a less durable option than Fusion Stone, Novik Stone does have some unique benefits that may make it a great fit for your next project. Novik Stone is light, and installed in a similar manner to vinyl siding.

One very cool thing about Novik Stone is that it has a mock river rock, field stone, and brick patterns. The majority of stone veneer lines only carry stacked stone and similar, and this is a big differentiator for Novik Stone.

Novik is not currently stocked in Edmonton, so the product is special order. Be prepared to budget 3-4 weeks to have it brought in prior to the start of your project.

Quality Stone Edmonton.jpg

quality stone

Quality Stone has become one of Edmonton’s most popular fake stone products, and its easy to see why when you pick a piece up! Made from high density polyurethane, this product is very light and easy to work with.

Relative to a regular siding like vinyl or Hardie board, stone veneers are all expensive. However, Quality Stone is going to be a cheaper option in this product range. We typically see Quality Stone pricing at $2-3/sqft less expensive than other faux stone options in Edmonton.

Quality Stone does have the aesthetic of a beautiful stone veneer, but it lacks the durability of a product like Fusion Stone. If you’re considering using stone veneer in a high traffic area, you may want to look at other options.

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