Vinyl Siding Over Stucco Renovation


From green wood siding and stucco to beautiful Royal Flagstone vinyl siding!

Even smaller projects like this classic Edmonton bungalow can feature a number of subtle design features to improve the look and feel of the home. For this project, we started by removing the existing wood siding on the front of the home, and installing Tyvek Drainwrap. Tyvek Drainwrap is Tyvek’s recommendation behind exterior insulation. The next step was to add insulation on the front and sides of the home.

We installed Plastifab FanFold insulation on the front of the home, as well on one side and the back of the home. This insulation provides some thermal value, but also allows you to install vinyl siding over the stucco without unsightly waves and warps in the siding. For the other sidewall, we went with an upgraded insulation product as the homeowner had noted a draft on that side of the house. We chose IKO EnerAir due to its high thermal value (R6 per inch!) and its breathability.

After installing the insulation, it was time to side the home! Royal’s Flagstone siding in a dutch lap profile was selected as a bright update to the home that also tied in nicely with the existing green fascia and eavestrough.

White corner posts complement the white windows and doors, and the homeowner painted the existing shutters white to match - the finishing touches really do make a big difference! The final result is a beautiful transformation, with higher thermal value and a great new look.

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