Wood Siding Renovation


When you’ve got a great home design with a beautiful colour, replacing your siding has to be a careful process so you can maintain the classic look of your home.

For this wood siding to Hardie Plank and Trim renovation, it’s the subtle changes that make the difference. The most recent coat of paint was a trendy dark blue, and so Hardie’s Deep Ocean was a natural fit to replace. And the old mitered corners of the existing clapboard were replaced with colour matched Hardie Trims for a subtle, modern update.

Arctic White Hardie Trims were selected for window and door openings to give the house an extra bit of “pop”. Using Hardie’s pre-finished ColorPlus colours allowed the homeowners to maintain the look of their current home, while switching to a product that won’t require near the same level of maintenance.

Behind the Hardie, we installed 3/4 IKO EnerAir - providing an additional R 4.5 to the home to help keep it warm in the winters. And as an added bonus, EnerAir is a breathable insulation - unlike other exterior insulation products, it works to shed moisture away from the house.

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