Hardie Board Colours Alberta 2019

Hardie Board Colours Alberta 2019

James Hardie Building Products just announced the biggest change to their colour palette since introducing ColorPlus in the early 2000s. If you were having trouble deciding between Aged Pewter and Gray Slate – I might have some bad news for you – you’ve got a few hundred more options to consider now!

Here are 4 things to know about the update:


1. Statement Collection Colours

James Hardie’s Statement Collection is going to be the standard product and colour selection available in Edmonton and all of Alberta as of April 2019. This group of colours is at the same price point as the colours that have been available in Alberta for the past 15 years, and will make up the majority of product sold across the province. Check out the Statement Collection below:

Hardie Board Colours.JPG

The biggest change in the colours is the number of choices. The Statement Collection is made up of only 15 colours in Hardie Plank, Panel, and Shingle, a significant reduction from the 23 available for the past 4 years.

Gone from the colour palette are:

·       Autumn Tan

·       Chestnut Brown

·       Countrylane Red

·       Heathered Moss

·       Mountain Sage

·       Rich Espresso

·       Sandstone Beige

·       Traditional Red

·       Woodstock Brown

If you’d rather view the old colour palette via photo, you can check out our old blog post on the subject here.

In addition to removing these colours from the Alberta colour palette, Hardie did add one new colour: Light Mist. It’s a nice alternative in the very light gray range, with more of a blue undertone than Pearl Gray. Light Mist has been available in BC for years and should fit Edmonton’s colour trends well.


2. The Dream Collection

If you’re upset to learn your favourite colour is no longer available as part of the colour palette, don’t worry! It’s not totally gone, its just been renamed as part of the Dream Collection. The Dream Collection is Hardie’s higher priced colour offering, and it includes all the old standards that aren’t part of the Statement Collection.

In addition to the old colours, the Dream Collection will bring on another 700+ colours for you to choose from! This is a major shift in the selection for Hardie, and greatly expands their ability to meet your desire for a particular colour.

James Hardie is offering the Dream Collection at a 10% price premium to the Statement Collection, but figuring out the increased cost is a little more complicated. Any contractor ordering Hardie products that aren’t stocked locally should be ordering more extras than usual. James Hardie takes about 4 weeks to ship to their suppliers in Edmonton, so if your contractor runs short on material your project could take quite a while to finish.  


3. Dream Collection Logistics

As you read above, James Hardie is anticipating a 4 week lead time for products in the Dream Collection for Alberta. This is not a big issue if you’ve planned ahead, but will certainly be challenging when material is short ordered, or unforeseen circumstances require extra pieces.

Another concern is sample products: nobody wants to pick a new colour for their house just from a tiny paint chip! James Hardie is not currently providing samples for Dream Collection colours, but there are a couple of options. First of all, there is no minimum order size for the Dream Collection, so you can order just one piece of Hardie in any Dream colour. It will just take about a month to come in. The quicker option would be to buy a sample quantity of colour matched paint from a local store and paint your own sample. All of James Hardie’s Dream Collection colours have a close match at one of the big paint manufacturers, so just ask your supplier or your contractor for the cross-reference.

4. Trim Options

Like the previous colour palette, Hardie Trims are available in a smaller, separate colour palette than Plank, Panel, and Shingle.

The previous group of 10 options has been trimmed down to just 6 colours, as seen below. Gone from the previous palette are:

·       Sail Cloth

·       Navajo Beige

·       Woodstock Brown

·       Midnight Black

Below is the updated trim selection for the Statement Collection:

Hardie Trim Colours.JPG


Don’t worry though – if you’re missing one of these colours or want a custom colour for your trim, you can order those as part of the Dream Collection as well.

James Hardie offering their ColorPlus factory finish in 700 plus colours with a 4 week lead time opens up a whole new range of colour combinations that will make a significant positive impact on the curb appeal of neighbourhoods across Edmonton. 

At Blue Jay Exterior Renovations, we would love to help you with your next Hardie project. If you have questions about your home, give us a call or request a consultation today!