Hardie Board Colours Edmonton - and 7 Things to Consider When Selecting Your Colours

James Hardie just announced a major change to the Alberta colour palette - to view the updated colours available check out our new blog post on the subject here.

While working for James Hardie, one of the most common questions homeowners asked was, "what colours are available for James Hardie in Alberta?" Because James Hardie has unique colour palettes for each market, it can be a bit tough to find the correct information online.

If you do a quick google search, several of the top results show colour palettes that are no longer accurate. Some sites even show colours that aren't available in your region! 

I've seen countless homeowners and designers select the perfect siding or trim colour for their project, only to be disappointed to find it isn't available in Alberta. So, I created the comprehensive guide to the Hardie board colours available in Alberta!

Below is the full James Hardie colour palette in Alberta for 2018:

Siding Colours.PNG
Trim Soffit Colours.PNG


Before you select a Hardie board colour, there is a few things to note! 

  1. Siding products and Trim/Soffit products come in two separate color palettes. James Hardie siding (planks, panels, and shingles) are all available from the factory in 23 colours. James Hardie Trim (NT3) and Hardie Soffit actually come in a different set of 10 colours. If you want your trim to match your siding, make sure you double check the chart!

  2. Hardie Trim and Hardie Soffit have two colours that aren't available in siding. Midnight Black and Sail Cloth are not available in siding in Alberta.

  3. James Hardie does have other colours in Canada, but not in Alberta! BC has access to another grey, and Ontario and Quebec have Midnight Black available as a siding colour. Unfortunately, a special order to get either colour here is not as simple as you might think. Unless you've got a large project (much bigger than a single family house), if you want ColorPlus you're stuck with the Alberta colour palette.

  4. At this time in Canada, Hardie does not do custom colours. If Hardie board is the product you want, but the colours available don't fit your vision, reach out! There is an excellent local pre-finisher in Edmonton that can help, and I'd be glad to put you in touch.

  5. Hardie Battens (2.5" wide strips used for a board and batten feature over Hardie Panel) come in all 23 siding colours. Unlike Hardie Trim, these batten strips have access to all 23 colours to ensure a match to your Hardie Panel project.

  6. The local distributors of James Hardie siding do a wonderful job with inventory. Generally speaking, you can find the following colours on the ground in Edmonton today:

    • 8.25" Cedarmill Hardie Plank - all 23 colours

    • Smooth Hardie Panel - all 23 colours

    • Straight Edge Hardie Shingle - all 23 colours

    • 2.5" Hardie Batten Strips - all 23 colours

    • NT3 Trim (various widths) - 9/10 colours (no one carries Sail Cloth)

  7. Any product that is in the Alberta product catalogue but isn't held in inventory (ie. Sail Cloth trim, or Hardie Soffit) can be brought in. I would anticipate 4 weeks for their arrival once ordered.


Looking to check out some of that local inventory? The following distributors stock James Hardie products in Edmonton:

Convoy Supply Edmonton (residential branch)
- 7040 68 Avenue NW, Edmonton, AB

Monarch Exterior Centre
- 4850 97 Street NW, Edmonton, AB

Roofmart Edmonton (south branch)
- 9355 62 Avenue NW


Want to learn more about the James Hardie products and sizes available in Alberta? Download the Alberta product catalogue below:

James Hardie Alberta Product Catalogue


Have more questions about selecting a Hardie board colour or product? I'd love to hear from you! Reach out to Blue Jay Exterior Renovations today: