Local Edmonton Siding Suppliers

Researching siding materials is often frustrating: there are hundreds of products from dozens of manufacturers and suppliers. Some products are distributed exclusively by certain suppliers, and others are available pretty much everywhere. However, just because a siding material is available all over doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s easy to get.

For example, I would almost never recommend buying siding from a big box store like Home Depot, Rona, or Lowe’s. Do they have the ability to order it and sell it to you? Absolutely. Will they have stock locally, samples, or a good knowledge of the product line? Relatively speaking, probably not.

This article is designed to help you find what you’re looking for, and find it at a place that specializes or focuses on the particular product line you’re interested in. Rather than listing the main siding suppliers in Edmonton, you’ll find them broken down by product type as there are usually a few suppliers of each.


Hardie Board Suppliers Edmonton


In Edmonton, there are three main suppliers of Hardie siding products, and each one does an excellent job of it. Monarch Exterior Centre, Roofmart, and Convoy Supply all carry stock, have staff educated on the product line, and usually have some samples to show you as well.

Monarch has two locations in the Edmonton area, and the staff at both locations are very familiar with the full line of James Hardie products. If you are looking to purchase the product, go to the south side location as that is where they stock the product. If you’re just doing research and are closer to west Edmonton, the Acheson branch is generally a little bit quieter and has a full selection of Hardie samples.

Roofmart has three branches in the Edmonton area, and like Monarch, the staff at all three locations has a good understanding of the product line. Roofmart just recently moved their Hardie stock from the south branch to their Acheson location, so if you’re looking to buy Hardie from Roofmart you’ll want to visit their Acheson branch, but if you’re after product information or something else feel free to go to the closest location.

Convoy Supply has two locations in Edmonton, but the branch located at 7040 68 Avenue is the one for residential products. This is where Convoy keeps stock of the Hardie product line as well as samples. The branch on 56 Avenue is focused more on roofing and commercial product lines – given the close proximity of the two branches, head to the 68 Avenue location for your Hardie siding needs.


Edmonton Vinyl Siding Suppliers


There are dozens of options for purchasing vinyl siding in Edmonton. While large building product distributors like Home Depot and Rona do carry vinyl siding, they don’t have great selection, pricing, or specialized knowledge.

There are several vinyl siding manufacturers that offer similar performance capabilities and warranties. Often the vinyl siding manufacturer chosen is based on the preference of the contractor or colour rather than the material itself.


Royal Vinyl Siding

The main suppliers of Royal vinyl siding in Edmonton are the same as the suppliers of Hardie: Monarch Exterior Centre, Roofmart, and Convoy Supply.

Unlike the Hardie siding products, you should be able to find a good supply of vinyl siding at most branches of Monarch and Roofmart. Stocking levels of particular products will be higher at certain branches, so if you’re going to pick something up, call ahead and make sure your branch of choice has it.

Convoy Supply in Edmonton doesn’t keep stock of the Royal siding line, but they are still a significant supplier of the line. They do have stock in the prairies, and are able to bring it in to Edmonton relatively quickly if needed, and their staff is educated on the line.


Gentek Vinyl Siding

Looking for Gentek vinyl siding in Edmonton? The solution here is pretty simple – you’ll want to head to Gentek’s Edmonton branch. Unlike other manufacturers, Gentek owns it own distribution centres and sells directly via that branch.

One important thing to note – Gentek only sells to contractors. If you don’t have an account, they will not sell to you. If you are interested in using a Gentek vinyl siding, you’ll need to contact a siding contractor.


Mitten Vinyl Siding

Similar to Gentek, Mitten also manufactures and owns it own distribution branches. Also like Gentek, Mitten will not sell to homeowners. If you’re in need of Mitten siding, you could reach out to a contractor or try Wayne’s Building Products.

Wayne’s distributes Mitten products and will sell to homeowners.


Kaycan Vinyl Siding

Kaycan has its own branch in North Edmonton that they distribute from. If you are in South Edmonton you can try Everything Exterior Store as they sell the Kaycan line of vinyl siding as well.


Edmonton Stone Veneer Suppliers


There are a large number of stone veneer manufacturers, and for that reason, a large number of distributors. I won’t cover them all, but I will make a few recommendations.

A good place to start for stone is Everything Exterior Store in South Edmonton. They have a nice showroom with a variety of displays, and a helpful staff that would be glad to speak with you about your options.

Everything Exterior Store carries the Versetta Stone line as well as Quality Stone. To learn a bit more about those product lines before heading there, you can check out our stone accent page here.

Fusion Stone is another popular stone accent option in Edmonton. Home Depot sells the line, and you can usually find samples or product info at any of their stores in Edmonton.

For a more personalized feel, I would suggest heading over to Monarch Exterior Centre (South Side or Acheson branch) to check out Fusion Stone. As an added bonus, they also carry the Quality Stone line.

Haven’t found what you’re looking for? Interested in having a siding contractor supply and install the material for your project? Reach out to Blue Jay Exterior Renovations for help today: